Hi, I’m Susie Weinacht. Thanks for visiting!

Hi, I’m Susie Weinacht. Thanks for visiting!

Over 100 years ago my  Grandpa and Grandma settled in Jasper County. Douglas Township and Altoona were stomping grounds for many years and by 1925 the growing family made their way to Ft. Madison, where my Dad’s childhood was spent playing & fishing on the banks of the muddy Mississippi. During his early teens, The Munson Family Floor Show began performing and regularly visited the Iowa State Penitentiary, providing entertainment for the inmates and staff. Many generations have chosen to stay, work, and raise their families in our great state. I couldn’t be more proud of my Iowa roots and our history of community involvement.

I’d like you to know that I thought long and hard, as I always do, before committing to run this race. I’ve asked myself how—and if—I could make a difference. I’ve often been asked why I do what I do for the community. Not many folks know how my experiences in foster care and as a free-lunch student shaped my passion for helping create a future where we can responsibly care for the most vulnerable amongst us. It was my teachers who kept me from falling through the cracks and inspired me to pursue my degree in education.

Mental health challenges kept my mother from caring for me since I was six weeks old. At the age of seven, my dad died. He was my role model for hard work. He owned our family’s small landscaping business that was started by my grandpa. All those decades spent working with hazardous chemicals he used to fertilize and kill weeds took a toll. As a veteran, my dad understood service over self and instilled in me, from a very young age, what it looks like to walk-your-talk.

I believe in the goodness of our neighbors and wholeheartedly support the idea that safety-nets are important. However, they are not a permanent solution. Valuing the dignity of others, stepping-up, showing-up, and taking responsibility for helping our neighbors while being good stewards of limited public resources, is the way forward.

Together, we can share our experiences to lead others in their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Less government intrusion, lower taxes, and more personal independence. Rather than outsourcing, giving the government all the power to serve up what is best, we have a personal responsibility to our neighbors. I know Iowans to be the folks that do just that!

Establishing and owning Weinacht Consulting Group for decades, it was my time as a city council member opened my eyes to the details involved in the budgeting and use of taxpayer dollars. I believe that together we can provide safeguards, as well as mindful stewardship of our resources.

Today, I’m asking for your support as I roll up my sleeves to bring people together once again through a lens of compassion, hope, bold vision, and elected government experience. I’ll bring authenticity, resiliency, and the ability to bring people together, as we move forward into the future we wish to see!

I’d love to hear from you, your story, your thoughts about the challenges facing Iowans and House District 73. My promise to you is to listen. Please reach out to me at Susie@SusieWeinacht.com